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User Manuals, Release Notes and Man Pages for each release (also available from the corresponding release page).

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Frequently Asked Questions
Published quarterly, the newsletters contain technical tips as well as the current happenings with the nmake product.
Tutorial: A Little Help with nmake
This tutorial is written for beginners and will help you learn about nmake without tackling difficult problems. When you finish, you will understand simple makefiles and have a background that will let you make good use of the user manuals.

Technical Topics

Using nmake with Eclipse
Information on using nmake with Eclipse.
Structured Build Logs
How to generate structured build logs such as XML tagged logs.
Java Support
References for Java support and integration.
The -I- and prefixinclude Preprocessor Features
Specifications for the prefixinclude and -I- features used by nmake's cpp to support the viewpathing feature.
Tool Repository
A collection of tools for use with nmake including build analysis and diagnostic tools.
Reports and Visualizations
A summary of available build reports and visualizations with screen shots.
Explain Information
Details on the nmake "explain" option, information and related features.


An Overview of the nmake Product Builder [PDF 1.2M]
High-level overview, suitable for evaluating the benefits which can be obtained by using nmake during product development. Targeted for build engineers, developers, technical managers, or anyone with an overall interest in nmakes capabilities.
What's New in nmake [PDF 392K]
An overview of newer enhancements and features as of Feb, 2011.
Nokia nmake Release lu3.2
From a presentation covering important nmake features and new features introduced in release lu3.2.
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