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Nokia nmake Eclipse Plugin Update Site

This Eclipse update site contains the release of the Nokia nmake Eclipse Plugin 1.0.0. Please send any feedback to Enter the URL for this site in the update manager to download the plugin:

See the Getting Started page for detailed instructions on updating and installing the plugin.

The following plugin releases are contained on this site:

Release Documentation Compatibility nmake
(what's new)
Web Help | PDF [376K] | Eclipse Help In Eclipse select --
Help > Help Contents > Nokia nmake Eclipse Plugin
Eclipse 4.4/CDT 8.4.0/Linux 16
Eclipse 4.3/CDT 8.2/Linux, Solaris 15
Eclipse 4.2/CDT 8.1/Linux, Solaris 15
Eclipse 4.2/CDT 8.1/Linux, Solaris 14
Eclipse 3.7/CDT 8.0/Linux, Solaris 14

Documentation is available in multiple formats for each release.
See the nmake Eclipse support page for all our information regarding Eclipse.

Old Releases

The following pre-releases are no longer on the update site but are available upon request. Contact for the old releases.

Release Documentation Compatibility nmake
(what's new)
Guide Eclipse 4.2/CDT 8.1/Linux, Solaris 14
Eclipse 3.7/CDT 8.0/Linux, Solaris 13
Eclipse 3.6/CDT 7.0/Linux, Solaris 12
Eclipse 3.5/CDT 6.0/Linux, Solaris 10,11
(what's new)
Guide Eclipse 3.3,3.4/CDT 4.0,5.0/Linux, Solaris alu3.9
(what's new)
Guide Eclipse 3.3/CDT 4.0/Linux alu3.9

Last Update: Tuesday,16-Aug-2016 16:56:31 EDT