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How to Obtain an Nokia nmake Evaluation Copy

We invite you to "test-drive" the nmake software to see for yourself the value of our product.

To begin your evaluation first download the software and review our getting started guide. You will need a license key to enable this software; to obtain a license key, please send email to (use this link for a convenient email form) with the following information to obtain an evaluation key. The evaluation key will be sent to the email's reply address unless you specify otherwise.

*Country where software is to be installed:
 Your address:
*Your phone number:
*Host name:
*Platform (Linux, Solaris, etc.):
*Email address where evaluation key should be sent:

 How did you hear about nmake?

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

If you run into any technical problems with setting up your evaluation copy, contact our technical support team at

To obtain a permanent license, or for other "business" issues, contact our Customer Support Team at or +1-908-582-5880.

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