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Can nmake be run on client machines?

Yes, the nmake license allows a project to run nmake on multiple workstations and servers of the same platform type, subject to licensing terms and conditions. To share nmake to different machines within the project just make the entire nmake installation tree available to the client machines through remote file sharing such as NFS. For example, if nmake is installed under /opt/nmake on a host machine named phoebe, such that the command is /opt/nmake/bin/nmake, then export /opt/nmake on phoebe. The client machines would then NFS mount phoebe:/opt/nmake. It is not necessary to use the same /opt/nmake path on the client as used on host but consistency is recommended to help maintenance and scripting across machines.

The license key may need to be updated to support the client. If the client's IP address does not match an IP address pattern in the host field of the key then a "host not licensed" error will be generated. Contact the Licensing Team to request an update.

Last Update: Friday,12-Aug-2016 10:44:40 EDT