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How do I get around the problem with dce/cma_config.h on HP-UX?

Note: This issue has been resolved in nmake release lu3.3. See the lu3.3 Release Notes for details.

We have had reports of people experiencing the following error on HP-UX 10.x machines:

    "/usr/include/dce/cma_config.h", line 243: read error

This appears to be related to the following conditions:

  1. long comments
  2. file referenced through /usr/include
  3. C++

There are two possible work arounds for this problem. You may use either one, it is not necessary to do both.

  1. Reference the header through a directory other than /usr/include. In this case /usr/include/dce should be a symbolic link to /opt/dce/include/dce. You can get around the problem by using the following in your makefile:
    .SOURCE.h : .INSERT /opt/dce/include
    This causes the header to be referenced as /opt/dce/include/dce/cma_config.h instead of through the symbolic link in /usr/include.
  2. Add the following directive to the pp probe file:
    #pragma pp:nocdir "-"
    The following command will give you the path to your pp probe file:
    $ probe -k C pp <full_path>/CC
    Warning: If both _XPG2 and iostream.h are used in a single source file, it is possible the file will not pass compilation with #pragma pp:nocdir "-". The reason is the definition of _XPG2 leads to the definition of _CLASSIC_ANSI_TYPES, which results in the declaration of extern char *memcpy(); This declaration may cause problems with HP-UX aCC/CC. The way to use both _XPG2 and iostream.h in the same source file is to put "#include <iostream.h>" BEFORE "#define _XPG2".
Last Update: Friday,12-Aug-2016 10:45:50 EDT