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What is this .dummy.class error from my :JAVA: makefile?

    make: don't know how to make .ALL : .dummy.class

The most common cause of this error is setting .MAIN in your makefile or project global makefile, either explicitly or from :ALL:. The Java rules use .MAIN to make the classes listed in the localjavadeps file. When .MAIN defines another default target JavaDeps doesn't get triggered and nmake cannot load localjavadeps. Add the following line to your :JAVA: makefile after your default .MAIN setting. If .MAIN is set in an included makefile then this must come somewhere after the include statement.

    .MAIN : .CLEAR

The problem can also come up when the right-hand-side of your :JAVA: assertion includes the current directory. Typically the RHS points to one or more sub-directories containing the Java code. When the current directory is listed (either with a "." or some path) the localjavadeps file is referenced while searching for Java files which leads to a problem loading localjavadeps when it is down the viewpath and this leads to the error. A fix is targeted for nmake 16. In the mean time, to work around the issue change the RHS so the current directory is not referenced.


The Java rules define the default list of generated class files as .dummy.class. The list is overwritten with the real list of generated classes from the localjavadeps file generated by JavaDeps. When localjavadeps can't be loaded then nmake tries to make .dummy.class rather than the real list of class files.

Last Update: Friday,12-Aug-2016 10:46:16 EDT