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What do the nmake license errors mean?

License not found

$ nmake
make: lib/license/make: License not found

The "License not found" message indicates that nmake cannot find the license key file. It should be installed as file nmake_install_root/lib/license/make and must be readable by the user running nmake. Make sure the nmake being executed is the same one in your PATH!

Host not licensed

$ nmake
make: /tools/nmake/lib/license/make: jaguar, host not licensed

The "host not licensed" message indicates the license key does not cover the current machine where nmake is being executed. The machine name or IP address shown in the message should be in the host field of the license (IP addresses in the key usually use pattern matching to cover entire sub-nets). Contact the licensing team to see if your license can be updated or a new license is needed.

Platform not licensed

$ nmake
make: /tools/nmake/lib/license/make: SunOS--5.6--sun4u: platform not licensed

The "platform not licensed" message means the license key is for a different hardware/OS platform. For example, a license key for Linux x86 will not work for a Solaris Sparc machine. Licenses do not cover multiple platforms so a new license will be needed. Contact the licensing team about your license.

make not licensed

$ nmake
make: /toosl/nmake/lib/license/make: make not licensed

The "make not licensed" message means the nmake tool is not covered by the license key. This can come up if the license key is empty or is a license for another tool such as Sablime.

License expired

$ nmake
make: pathcheck: /tools/nmake/lib/license/make: license expired 185 days ago

The "license expired" message means the license has been expired for the number of days indicated. The license key stops working 10 days after it expires. Check the expire field in the license key to see the expiration date. Contact the licensing team about obtaining a new license.

License expires

$ nmake
/tools/nmake/lib/license/make: license expires in 2 days

The "license expires" message is a warning that the license is about to expire in the indicated number of days. nmake will continue to function but you should look into renewing the license. Contact the licensing team about license renewals. See also the License expiration FAQ.

License invalid

$ nmake
make: /tools/nmake/lib/license/make: make license invalid

The "license invalid" message indicates that the contents of the license key has been altered and the key is no longer valid. The data in the key cannot be edited or changed in any way. nmake releases prior to alu3.9 are also sensitive to white space so extra blank lines or spaces (even at the end of a line or the end of the file) will cause an error. Copying-and-pasting the text to create the license file or transferring the license through email will sometimes introduce errors. If you cannot find the source of the problem contact technical support.

Last Update: Friday,12-Aug-2016 10:46:22 EDT