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Need help with a legacy Lucent telephone or modem?

The nmake technical support line,, provides support only for the Nokia nmake software product. We cannot provide assistance with other Nokia related products.

Consumer Phones

The Lucent consumer telephone division was sold to VTech Holdings Ltd. on March 31, 2000. The operating company is known as VTech Innovation L.P. doing business as Advanced American Telephones. For help with Lucent branded consumer phones see

Merlin Phones

The Merlin phone line is now part of the Avaya spin off. For questions and documentation concerning Merlin phones and related equipment see Avaya Support.

Modem Drivers

Lucent modems were part of the Agere Systems spin off now with LSI. For help with Lucent modems see LSI.


For other Nokia products see the Nokia Support site.

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