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Q: How do I know what version/release I have?

Nokia nmake 12 and newer

The --version command line option was added in nmake 12 to show the version of the nmake command.

    $ nmake --version
    Alcatel-Lucent (Bell Labs) nmake 12 06/09/2010

Alcatel-Lucent nmake lu3.4 and newer

Execute the following command:

    $ what_version_nmake
	Release: nmake lu3.5 06/07/2002 - Bell Labs

The what_version_nmake command is included in the nmake bin directory as of release lu3.4. Execute this command to show the version string and the latest applied patch. The -v flag can be used to show verbose information about the components.

The below methods of finding the version string will work in all releases.

All Releases

There are a few ways you can determine what version of nmake you are running.

  1. Run the ident or what command on the nmake binary and look for a line with make or nmake. Depending on the platform there may be a lot of output, particularly for the what command, so you may need to pipe the output to a pager or grep for make. Note on Solaris machines the what command is located in /usr/ccs/bin/ which may not be in your PATH.
        $ ident <nmake_root>/bin/nmake            
                $Id: nmake (Bell Labs) lu3.5 06/07/2002 $
                $Info: build on: SunOS 5.4 ( $
        $ what <nmake_root>/bin/nmake | grep make
                Lucent(R) nmake (Bell Labs) lu3.5 06/07/2002
  2. Run nmake and print the $(MAKEVERSION) variable from the command line.
        $ nmake -n -f - . 'print $(MAKEVERSION)'
        Lucent(R) nmake (Bell Labs) lu3.5 06/07/2002
  3. Print the variable $(MAKEVERSION) in a Makefile.
        $ cat Makefile
        target :
    	    : "$(MAKEVERSION)"
        $ nmake      
        + : Lucent(R) nmake (Bell Labs) lu3.5 06/07/2002
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