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How to add version tag to my product?

You probably need to use a shell script before build to specify the value of Version and Version_time, and modify from here:

    /* For example:

    /* To link id.o for all the :: targets */

	    $(<<) : id.o

    /* To create id.c as ANSI C or C++ code, and you have to declare
       char* stampid;
       somewhere in your source code
    id.c : (Version) (Version_time) .SPECIAL
	    cat >$(<) <<'!'
	    void sTaMpSUB(){
		    extern char *stampid;
		    stampid="@(#)MY_PROD(Nokia) $(Version) $(Version_time)";

If the above rules are put in the global makefile, the rules will apply to all the '::' targets in the product. You may want to put the rules only in those leaf makefiles which build the targets that you want the 'what' string to appear.

Last Update: Friday,12-Aug-2016 10:50:02 EDT