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Problem with Iona's ART Orbix 2000 IDL compiler and -I-

Iona's ART Orbix 2000 IDL compiler supports the -I- option, allowing transparent support of viewpathing. Unfortunately, a minor problem interferes with the proper operation of -I-, but we have a simple workaround that allows full support of viewpathing with this compiler.

The IDL compiler prepends a -I. to the argument list when it calls the external preprocessor, causing attempts to override header files in the current directory to fail. The solution is a simple shell wrapper which removes the -I. and passes the remaing arguments to the Iona preprocessor.

Download vpidl.tar to obtain the fix. This package contains a README with more details about the problem, two shell scripts implementing the solution, and a simple test case to verify proper support for -I-. After downloading the file, untar it using

    tar xvf vpidl.tar

and follow the installation instructions in the README.

Last Update: Friday,12-Aug-2016 10:50:14 EDT