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Does Nokia nmake Have a Year 2000 Problem?


Why must I migrate to a year 2000 version of nmake (lu3.2 or 3.1.2) prior to the year 2000, even though earlier versions of nmake are considered year 2000 safe?


Even though all versions of nmake beyond 3.0 are considered year 2000 safe, they were originally compiled on non-Y2K-compliant versions of each vendor's operating system. The year 2000 version of releases 3.1.2 and lu3.2 are the only versions of nmake that are specifically compiled and certified on the Y2K-compliant OS versions available for each architecture.

This means that as your machine is upgraded to run a Y2K-compliant version of its operating system you need to upgrade to releaes lu3.2 or the Y2K release of 3.1.2. Earlier versions of nmake are not supported on Y2K-compliant operating systems so by the year 2000 everyone must be running lu3.2 or the Y2K build of 3.1.2.

Description of problem:
Can the license manager support years past 1999?
Scope of problem:
Using a non-compliant version of nmake would result in the inability to use nmake to build your software products.
Year 2000 compliance, in relation to nmake, is defined as follows:
nmake will not produce errors, or experience loss in core functionality, due to the transition from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000. This statement is dependent on any operating system specific enhancements required by your UNIX® vendor, to bring an entire platform to Year 2000 compliance.
Versions of nmake that officially support Year 2000 compliance:
While we have successfully tested nmake 3.0 (and later) beyond Year 2000 using date forward testing, the only officially supported Year 2000 solutions are nmake lu3.2 and nmake 3.1.2 as compiled on a Year 2000 compliant operating system. We cannot guarantee full compliance unless the OS is Year 2000 compliant.
How to tell if your nmake release was built on a Year 2000 OS version:
We are only porting nmake lu3.2 to Year 2000 compliant OS's, so if you are running lu3.2 then you have a Year 2000 compliant nmake. The version string for the Year 2000 OS release 3.1.2 binaries are dated 07/01/1998 or later. Any date prior to 07/01/1998 indicates a build on a non-Year 2000 OS. See the version FAQ about ways to get the version string.
nmake may use several 3rd party products, such as compilers, during a build. Remember these tools you use are completely external to nmake and you must verify their compliance as well.
Other relevant information:
The nmake license scheme has been tested to support 4 digits years. nmake uses the UNIX® time epoch which won't run out until 2038.
How to get a Year 2000 compliant release:
See our availability chart for information on supported platforms. For further OS information, contact your UNIX® vendor. To upgrade contact Customer Care at
Last Update: Wednesday,17-Oct-2018 13:10:12 EDT