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Compiled Makefiles

Feature Description

Makefiles are compiled to a binary format. When available and up to date, nmake loads the compiled Makefile making it unnecessary to reread and re-parse the Makefile, which decreases the amount of time required to perform a build. Makefiles are recompiled automatically when they are out of date.

Users have seen up to 5 times faster incremental builds for up-to-date systems when the compiled Makefiles are used.




Consequence of Not Having the Feature


In the following example the Makefile compiles 52 C files. Everything has been built and is up to date. The compiled Makefile is named as the basename of the Makefile with the suffix .mo.

$ ls -l 
-rw-r--r--   1 richb    richb       8593 Jan  8 17:36

When nmake uses the average time to check that this Makefile is up to date is about 0.98 seconds.

$ time nmake

real    0m0.98s
user    0m0.33s
sys     0m0.40s

Without the Makefile must be re-parsed and interpreted causing the process to take longer. The non-compiled case takes 42% longer.

$ rm
$ time nmake    

real    0m1.39s
user    0m0.71s
sys     0m0.39s

Example using standard make tool

The standard make tool does not use compiled makefiles.

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