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Features and Benefits

Nokia nmake is an advanced, flexible, scalable build tool that improves software build specification, maintenance, and execution in three broad areas: performance, productivity and build accuracy. nmake's powerful build avoidance, reliable dependency-based incremental build, and concurrent/distributed build features significantly speed up builds. nmake enhances productivity by automating much of the effort normally required to set up and maintain software builds. And nmake improves build accuracy, allowing production of a higher quality software product in shorter time.

This section details the features of nmake and the benefits they have on development. For further discussion see the Overview Slides [PDF]. For a quick overview of the product see the Overview page and our Product Brochure [PDF].

Feature Benefits
Performance Productivity Build Accuracy
Viewpath x x x
Concurrency / Distributed Builds x x
Dynamic Dependency Scan x x
Default Rules x x
Persistent State x x
Built-in Common Actions x x
High Level Build Assertions x x
User-defined Assertions x x
Programming Language x
Compiled Makefiles x x
Variable Edit Operators x
Built in Tool Knowledge x x
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