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The -I- and prefixinclude Preprocessor Features

The -I- and prefixinclude C Preprocessor features modify the header file search semantics of #include "..." to allow quoted file inclusion to function reasonably in a viewpathing environment. The -I- and prefixinclude features are provided in 2 ways: (1) -I- and prefixinclude may be built-in to a compiler (preferred) or (2) for compilers which do not support -I- and/or prefixinclude, source files are processed through the Nokia nmake C preprocessor (cpp) before compilation. The nmake C preprocessor is provided as a standard part of the Nokia nmake product. nmake automatically detects presence or absence of support for -I-/prefixinclude and automatically enables use of the nmake C preprocessor if required (this behavior may be overridden if desired.)

The following pages describe the -I- and prefixinclude C Preprocessor features sufficiently precisely to allow implementation in third party compilers and preprocessors.

Last Update: Friday,12-Aug-2016 10:54:20 EDT