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nmake C Preprocessor: Test Suite

Test Suite for -I- and prefixinclude File Search Rules

Test suite version 9/5/00.

See the Lucent nmake C Preprocessor documentation for information about -I- and prefixinclude search rules.

To run the test suite:

  1. Download the test suite archive file: incltst.tar
  2. Unpack using command: tar xf incltst.tar
  3. Run tests using command: cd incltst/run; ./runtests

If the tests succeed, ./runtests will print "ALL TESTS SUCCEEDED" and exit with a zero exit code. Otherwise, ./runtests will print "ONE OR MORE TESTS FAILED" and exit with a non-zero exit code.

runtests runs the compiler specified by the CC environment variable. The default is `CC', so if your compiler is called `CC' and is on your path, you don't need to set CC. $CC must invoke a C++ or C compiler.

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