Alcatel-Lucent nmake Product Builder - Eclipse Plugin 0.3.2 Guide Alcatel-Lucent

Building the example project

Building within Eclipse

All of the following build procedures require the example project to be selected before initiating a build operation.. Select the project before each procedure by selecting its name in the Project Explorer.

  • To build the project using the default debug configuration, select Project > Build Project. The entire project should build with the build log appearing in the Console view.
  • To clean the project, select Project > Clean... > Clean projects selected below. Select the example project. Deselect Start a build immediately. Click OK.
  • To build the project using the release build configuration, select Project > Build Configurations > Set Active > nmake Makefile - gcc/release. Build the project using Project > Build Project. The project should build using release compilation options.

Standalone builds (outside of Eclipse)

  1. Start a console terminal and cd to the top level project directory hw.
  2. Set the project_loc environment variable to the current directory. For example, if using ksh type export project_loc=$PWD.
  3. Type nmake install to build and install the entire project. Each library and executable is built locally and then installed in the project install directories lib and bin, with required include files going to include.
  4. Type nmake recurse clobber.install clobber to remove generated targets in each local development directory and all installed targets.