Alcatel-Lucent nmake Product Builder - Eclipse Plugin 0.3.2 Guide Alcatel-Lucent

Tips and Tricks

Unexpected Builds

Symptom: Builds are launched unexpectedly during project creation.

Tip: Turn off Project > Build Automatically before creating a new CDT C/C++ project. Otherwise, Eclipse will kick off a build immediately upon project creation and after resource saves, probably not what you want.

Install step fails in sample project

Symptom: In the supplied sample project, nmake is unable to locate or create the include install directory during the install step.

Tip: Check that the project_loc variable is set to the project root directory on the generated nmake line, which should be visible in the Console view build log after a build. If project_loc is not set, it may mean that a resource in the sample project had not been selected prior to launching the build.

Unable to suppress build after a clean

Symptom: The Start a build immediately checkbox does not appear in the Project > Clean... dialog.

Tip: Verify that Project > Build Automatically has been turned off.