Alcatel-Lucent nmake Product Builder - Eclipse Plugin 0.5.0 Guide Alcatel-Lucent

Getting started

Installing the plugin

You can install the nmake CDT plugin from an Eclipse update site. See the nmake Eclipse support page for the latest information on installing the plugin and for the location of the update site.

  1. Select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install.
  2. Select Search for new features to install
  3. Select New Remote Site.
  4. Enter Alcatel-Lucent nmake Update Site in the Name field. Enter in the URL field. Click Finish.
  5. A dialog labeled Updates listing search results for Alcatel-Lucent nmake update site should appear. Expand the listing and select the desired version of the Alcatel-Lucent nmake CDT support feature. Click Next.
  6. Click to accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next.
  7. Change the install location if desired, and click Finish.
  8. Review information about the feature and click Install to install. Restart Eclipse if option is offered.

The Alcatel-Lucent CDT support feature should now be installed.