Alcatel-Lucent nmake Product Builder - Eclipse Plugin 0.5.0 Guide Alcatel-Lucent

What's new

Version 0.5.0 released July 31, 2009. Update dependencies allowing install with Eclipse 3.4+. Workaround CDT 6.0 bug which caused nmake project templates to not display. Eclipse variable ${project_loc} was not getting set leading to failure to build nmake template projects. Changed to use CDT variable ${ProjDirPath} instead. Update default version strings in project template definition files. Verify operation with Eclipse 3.5/CDT 6.0.

Version 0.4.0 released March 6, 2008. Introduce build definition toolchain support for Solaris. Introduce support for C++, including a new C++ project template. Globally change alu to alcatel_lucent in all identifiers and names. Pull out key build commands into property file for easier maintenance/modification. Add an empty project template for the nmake project type. Update help book documentation. Miscellaneous cleanups.

Version 0.3.2 released December 18, 2007. Includes build definitions for gcc/Linux, help documentation, and example project packaged as a CDT template.