1.1. Alcatel-Lucent nmake Eclipse CDT plugin

The Alcatel-Lucent nmake Eclipse CDT plugin supports use of Alcatel-Lucent nmake with Eclipse™ CDT. The plugin currently provides managed build definitions that configure CDT for nmake builds for Makefile-based projects. The definitions leverage nmake common actions to pre-populate builder options with targets useful across a broad range of nmake-based projects. Out of the box, the plugin provides an nmake specific CDT Project Type and CDT build configurations for Debug and Release builds on several platforms. In common cases, the build definitions substantially reduce the need to manually specify build options for nmake based builds.

Other features provided by the plugin include:

  • A set of Eclipse Error Parsers which recognize nmake messages in the build output, classify their severity, and enable Eclipse to use them to for various purposes such as populating the problems view and creating problem markers.

  • C and C++ sample projects packaged as Eclipse CDT project templates. For the sample projects provided, the need for manual option setup is eliminated.

The procedures described here were developed for Eclipse 4.2, CDT 8.1, and nmake 14 on Linux® and Oracle® Solaris and support the gcc C and C++ tool chains. See the nmake Eclipse plugin download page for up-to-date version compatibility information.