5.1. Overview

This section describes an example nmake C Makefile project delivered with the nmake CDT plugin. The example is packaged as a CDT project template, simplifying example installation and setup. The example project has several purposes:

  • It provides a working example showing interoperability of Eclipse with nmake.

  • Since it is packaged as a CDT template, it provides a simplified procedure for creating a new nmake-based Eclipse CDT project. You can customize this new project for your own needs.

  • It demonstrates how to go about building a typical existing multi-level nmake Makefile-based project in Eclipse CDT.

  • It also provides an example of a recommended approach for organizing a multiple directory nmake project that builds several commands and libraries.

You may assign a name of your choice to the example project during project creation. The following descriptions assume that the project name is hw (for Hello World).

An nmake C++ Makefile project template is also provided in the nmake CDT plugin. Use of the C++ project template is similar to that of the C project template.