2.2. Installing the Plugin

You can install the nmake CDT plugin from the nmake Eclipse update site. See the nmake Eclipse support page for the latest information on installing the plugin and for the location of the update site.

  1. Select Help > Install New Software....

  2. Click Add....

  3. In the Add Repository dialog, enter Alcatel-Lucent nmake Update Site in the Name field. Enter http://nmake.alcatel-lucent.com/download/eclipse in the Location field. Click OK.

  4. Back in the Install screen, select Alcatel-Lucent nmake Update Site from the drop down menu for the Work with field. An expandable list of available Alcatel-Lucent nmake plugins with version numbers should appear in the central display area. Expand the list and / or change display filter options at the bottom of the screen to display the Alcatel-Lucent nmake plugin entries.

  5. Check the check box corresponding to the desired version of the Alcatel-Lucent nmake plugin.

  6. Click Next. Click through the following screens to complete installation.

The nmake Alcatel-Lucent CDT support feature should now be installed.