3.1. Project Build Setup

First verify that your project successfully builds standalone, outside of Eclipse. This will involve:

  • cd to your project node root directory, say proot. Typically, proot will be the directory containing your src, bin, and lib. Since Eclipse defaults to building in the top level directory, it is easiest if proot is also the top level build directory, containing the top level Makefile. See Section 5, “Examples Guide” for a sample project organization.

  • Set up your build environment: put nmake on your PATH. Make sure that the project node root is first on your VPATH. For a single node build, set VPATH to proot.

  • Run a top level project build, typically via nmake install. Verify the build completes successfully. Clean up, typically via nmake recurse clobber.install clobber.

We recommend setting recurse_begin_message = gnu in the project global Makefile to configure nmake to output GNU make style recursion messages. This allows the Eclipse CDT error parser to track the current directory in recursive builds. See Section 5, “Examples Guide” for an example. By default, the build definitions provided in the nmake CDT plugin also set recurse_begin_message=gnu on the nmake command line. (The recurse_begin_message = gnu feature was introduced in nmake alu3.9.)