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Building Java Code

Dependency-based Java Support

Nokia nmake release lu3.4 introduced dependency-based Java support. The feature uses an external Java scanner to derive dependencies. Possible future enhancements include a seamless Java dependency scanner and support for other file types.

The dependency-based Java support currently provides the following capabilities. For more information, see the :JAVA: manual page:

** As of release lu3.6, batched concurrent builds are supported.

Java code can also be built without dependency tracking (see newsletter articles below). We consider the dependency-based solution to be more reliable in keeping the necessary class files up-to-date in incremental builds, thus we recommend projects move to dependency-based Java builds. The non-dependency based solutions may be used for small, simple Java applications or where older versions of nmake must be used.

Jar File Support

Nokia nmake release lu3.6 introduced support for generating jar files. Jar file support includes the following features.

** When supported by the jdk

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