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Lucent(R) nmake NMAKELOG(1)

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Lucent(R) nmake NMAKELOG(1)

nmakelog - run nmake producing serialized build log

[ nmake-arguments ]

nmakelog runs nmake(1) configured to produce a serialized build log. nmakelog addresses a problem that occurs when more than one shell action executes concurrently under the control of nmake(1), (e.g. when the value of the -j option is greater than 1, or when coshell(1) is used). In this case, each line of output from multiple concurrently executing commands appears in the output log in the order that it is written, with the result that output of different commands is intermingled, log, making it very difficult to scan and interpret.

nmakelog serializes the output of nmake(1): it creates a log file in which the output of each command appears contiguously and in the correct order in the log file; additionally, at higher levels the output of each recursive make (which may itself be running concurrently with other shell actions and recursive makes, and itself be subordinate to higher level recursive makes) appears contiguously and correctly ordered in the output file.
The nmakelog command line is identical to the nmake(1) command line; use nmakelog as you would nmake(1). As usual, during the build the unserialized output appears on standard output as it is generated; in addition, serialized output appends to file $makelog, by default makelog.
nmakelog may be used with distributed (coshell(1) based) or non-distributed builds.


nmakelog -j4 -f


logfilter executable used to reorder log file
taglines executable used to insert tags on build log lines

nmake(1), makerules(1), coshell(1)

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