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Issue No. 28 - March 2008
  1. Release Schedule
  2. JavaDeps alu2.2.3 Release
  3. nmake Eclipse Plugin 0.4.0
  4. nmake alu3.9 for x86 Solaris
  5. Generating a unique list using :H and :I edit operators

Release Schedule

The team is working towards the next nmake release targeted for 3Q2008. A beta period prior to the release is also currently targeted for 6/9/2008 through 7/17/2008. If you are interested in trying the beta please let us know at


JavaDeps alu2.2.3 Released

A new JavaDeps alu2.2.3 release was made available March, 2008. JavaDeps is an optional package and only required for projects building Java code using the nmake supplied :JAVA: operator. This release is to fix a critical problem that caused a crash on annotations. Download the new package from the JavaDeps page.


nmake Eclipse Plugin 0.4.0

Release 0.4.0 of the experimental Eclipse plugin was released March 6, 2008. Release 0.4.0 includes the following changes:

Visit the Eclipse update site to upgrade or install the plugin:


nmake alu3.9 for x86 Solaris

nmake release alu3.9 has been ported to x86 Solaris and is available for download from the alu3.9 Release page. The previous releases available for this platform were lu3.7 and lu3.2. Anyone interested in upgrading can grab a copy now.


Generating a unique list using :H and :I edit operators

Using nmake's variable edit operators it is possible to generate a unique list of tokens in a variable. There are two basic methods to do this, one using :H, heap sort, and the other using :I, intersection. Just as it sounds heap sort will also sort the list, but if the order of the items needs to be preserved then use the intersection operator to remove redundant items. In general heap sort is more efficient for large lists.

The heap sort operator will not generate a unique list by default, to do so specify :H=U. To use the intersection operator you intersect a variable with itself. The following example shows how to use each operator and their output.

$ cat Makefile
VAR  = red green red yellow orange orange blue green purple red
t :
        : heap sort = $(VAR:H=U)
        : intersection = $(VAR:I=$(VAR))

$ nmake
+ : heap sort = blue green orange purple red yellow
+ : intersection = red green yellow orange blue purple

For more information on the :H and :I edit operators see pages 280 and 282 of the alu3.9 nmake Reference Manual.


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