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Issue No. 31 - March 2009
  1. Eclipse Plugin
  2. nmake 11 Release Schedule
  3. Build Log Transformations
  4. Suggestions

nmake Eclipse Plugin

The current 0.4.0 release of the experimental nmake Eclipse plugin has been verified against Eclipse 3.4.2 (ganymede) and CDT 5. The plugin functions properly under this configuration and no issues have been found. The 0.4.0 plugin can now be installed from the plugin update site when using CDT 4 or greater.

Visit the nmake Eclipse update site to upgrade or install the plugin:


nmake 11 Release Schedule

The team is working towards the nmake 11 release targeted for 2Q2009. The beta period is tentatively scheduled for 6/9/2009 through 7/17/2009. If you are interested in trying the beta please let us know at Here are some of the changes in the new release in addition to the usual fixes and enhancements.


Build Log Transformations

The last newsletter described an experimental feature that generates XML formatted build logs. The feature captures information about nmake targets triggered during a build, including target attributes such as start and end times, the association of each target with its build command output, and the target hierarchy arising from recursive builds.

This log format makes it possible to develop transformations that generate enhanced views of a build. An experimental transformation to HTML has been developed that provides:

The result of an example transformation is shown in the screenshots below. It was generated from a a typical recursive build consisting of 15 Makefiles and 458 leaf (non-recursive) targets. Build errors, shown in red, were deliberately included to show how they are handled. Click any of the screenshots below to jump to the full example.

[list screenshot] [table screenshot] [graph1 screenshot] [summary screenshot]

The experimental transformation scripts are targeted for inclusion in the upcoming nmake 11 release.



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