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In software development, product building is the process of converting source code into a machine-executable product. Typically, source code is integrated using a build process, which is repeated many times over the course of development. As such, the efficiency of the build process directly affects the productivity of the development team. An efficient build process is one that does the minimum work necessary to construct a new version of a product. Nokia nmake is designed to perform this task. Years of expertise in solving product building problems have been captured in the latest version of nmake; let it begin making a difference for your project team.

[viewpath diagram]

nmake facilitates a well established development process from software development through deployment which ultimately results in cheaper/better software development and maintenance. nmake's features enable simpler, faster and more accurate builds. The viewpathing feature supports key build types throughout the development cycle, including local developer builds for unit testing, continuous and/or nightly integration builds, system test and release builds.

nmake is an advanced, flexible, scalable build tool that improves software build specification, maintenance, and execution in three broad areas: performance, productivity and build accuracy. Build performance is key to overall software development productivity: fast developer builds minimize lost developer time while fast project builds allow more frequent integration builds leading to higher quality, on-time delivery. nmake's powerful build avoidance, reliable dependency-based incremental build, and concurrent/distributed build features significantly speed up builds.

nmake enhances productivity by automating much of the effort normally required to set up and maintain software builds, reducing staff time needed for build maintenance activities. nmake's use of high-level rule-based build specifications, built-in knowledge of popular compilers and tool chains, hierarchical rule organization, and platform probe tool dramatically reduce effort to set up builds while enhancing build accuracy and portability. Web-based build log views speed drill-down into complex logs.

nmake improves build accuracy, allowing production of a higher quality software product in shorter time. Automatic dependency management eliminates an important class of build errors, the powerful viewpathing feature allows building from a single source reducing errors due to file synchronization problems, and automatic platform probe reduces platform configuration issues.



Project teams have used nmake to:

Nokia nmake has a long, proven track record, and has been used successfully in hundreds of projects within Nokia, AT&T, and elsewhere. For more details see Features and Benefits.

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