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Release lu3.6 Patch 2

Release Date: June 2004

Before installing this patch you must already have nmake release lu3.6 installed. If you already have a valid license for lu3.6 you do not need a new license to use this patch. For any license requests please contact the Bell Labs Licensing Team.

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lu3.6 Patch 2 Notes

Table of Contents


This is a cumulative patch and includes patch levels 02 and 01. If patch 01 is already installed the patch 01 files will not be re-installed, only the patch 02 files will be installed. If patch 01 is not installed then both patch 01 and patch 02 files will be installed.

This patch is to be applied to an existing nmake lu3.6 installation. All current lu3.6 nmake users are entitled to download and install this patch -- a new license is not needed to use the patch. If you do not have version lu3.6 installed then you should not install this patch.

This patch will replace several files in your lu3.6 node (details are below). Any file to be replaced will first be backed up so it may be recovered if necessary. The install script also provides a rollback feature to uninstall the patch and return the lu3.6 node to its previous state.

All actions performed by the install script are logged into a file called install.log. If the install script is executed more than once each instance will be saved in the log file.


This patch contains the following components (found under the update/ subdirectory):

Plus the following patch support files:


The following fixes are provided in this patch:

030060 - bound directory changes causing dropped -I flag
  • In some cases when an include file is included by two source files, one using a directory prefix (#include "dir/file1.h") and one with no prefix (#include "file1.h"), and file1.h includes a file in the same directory with no prefix (#include "file2.h"), nmake could lose the -I flag for file2.h during incremental builds causing compile errors. This is fixed.
040015 - nmake enters infinite loop in Makerules
  • Under a rare condition the nmake engine would overwrite the value of an nmake variable. This caused a variable in the base rules to not be incremented properly in a loop which lead to an infinite loop. The engine will no longer clobber variables.
040016 - nmake core dumps from .o files in .ALL
  • Building an archive library with one of the library object files listed as a prerequisite to .ALL could lead to a core dump. This has been fixed.

For changes introduced in patch 01 see the lu3.6-p01 release notes.

Installation Instructions

We recommend installing this patch while no one is running the nmake command. Use the following steps to install the patch.

  1. Change directory to the lu3.6 root directory. You should see directories bin, fun, lib, man, and share here.
    $ cd <nmake_root>
  2. Unbundle the patch package. Existing lu3.6 files will NOT be over written. A new directory named "patch02" will be created which contains the patch files.
    $ zcat <downloaded_file> | tar xvf -
  3. Change directory to the new "patch02" directory.
    $ cd patch02
  4. Execute the script. If the script finds any problems, such as you are trying to patch a non-lu3.6 release, it will exit with an error message. Otherwise you will be given a summary of what the script will do and will be asked if you would like to proceed with the installation or not.
    $ ./
    If you are happy with the summary then press 'y' and 'enter' (or 'return') to start the update. Any other key will abort the update before any changes are made.
    * Do you want to start the install? (y/n) y
    As the install script executes it will show you what files are being backed up and installed. A file named install.log will be created or appended to containing the actions taken by the installation script.

Rollback Instructions

To back-out the patch and restore the original files run the script again. If the patch has already been installed the script will ask if you would like to restore the original files or reinstall the patch. The restore option is only available after the patch has been successfully installed.

  1. Change directory to the patch root directory. You should see files and README and the directory update.
    $ cd <nmake_lu3.6_root>/patch02
  2. Execute the script. If that patch has already been installed you will be asked if you want to restore or reinstall the software. To back-out the patch chose the restore option, number 1.
    $ ./
    * You have the following options:
       1) Restore - backout the patch and restore original files.
       2) Install - attempt to install the patch again.
    Select 1 or 2 --> 1
    You will then be given a summary of the files to be restored. If you are happy with the summary then press 'y' and 'enter' (or 'return') to start the restore. Any other key will abort the restore before any changes are made.
    * Do you want to start the restore? (y/n) y
    As the script executes you will be shown what files are being restored. The install.log file will be appended with the actions taken by the restore.
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