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Nokia nmake for UWIN


With the release of Nokia nmake for UWIN, Nokia nmake is now available in the Microsoft® Windows® based environment. This note provides some information on this new version of nmake.

Product description

nmake for UWIN is the first generally available release of this powerful build product for the UWIN/Windows platform, and provides essentially all of the functionality of nmake on that platform. UWIN is a commercial UNIX-like porting and development environment for Microsoft® Windows®.

The initial release also contains several new features/enhancements to allow smoother operation on the UWIN/Windows platform and enhance compatibility with existing Makefiles. These include win32 DLL generation and use, win32 library name binding, optional .exe suffix, file system case ignorance, support for DOS style line endings, and modifications for operation on FAT file systems. See the release notes (when available) for further information on these features and enhancements.

Who might want to use it?

nmake for UWIN may be used by any developer needing to perform Makefile-based builds on the UWIN/Windows platform using the advanced nmake build tool. It will be especially useful to developers currently building their software using nmake on other platforms that also need to build on the UWIN/Windows platform. nmake for UWIN has also been used to build native Windows executables that do not depend on the UWIN headers/libraries and do not require the UWIN runtime.

Compatibility, requirements, limitations

Makefile compatibility: A primary goal of the initial release of nmake for UWIN is compatibility with existing Makefiles. This means that existing nmake Makefiles already developed and in use on other platforms should function essentially unchanged on the UWIN/Windows platform. This eliminates the need to spend a lot of effort porting existing Makefiles.

Build tool compatibility: The initial release of Nokia nmake for UWIN is compatible with nmake release lu3.6 patch 1.

Platform compatibility: The initial release of Nokia nmake for UWIN has been tested on UWIN 3.1, on Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 using NTFS and FAT file systems. Operation has been verified on case independent and case dependent file systems.

Compiler compatibility: The initial release has been tested with the UWIN cc and ncc compiler wrappers using VC++ 6. Any compiler supported by the UWIN cc wrapper should work, but we cannot guarantee complete compatibility. Technical support will provide assistance in the use of all UWIN supported compilers.

UWIN release 3.1 is required in order to use nmake for UWIN. The user is responsible for obtaining and installing UWIN.

There are several limitations in the initial release. The following features are not supported in the initial release: coshell distributed builds and nmakelog build log serialization. nmake cpp is not supported in the initial release; UWIN cpp is used instead. Per directory case ignorance is not supported in the initial release.


The UWIN version of nmake is considered a separate product within the nmake product family. Existing customers on other platforms need to purchase additional license(s) in order to use the new UWIN version.

More Information

For licensing contact the Bell Labs Licensing Team at 908-582-5880 or For more details see the following:

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