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Nokia nmake - SFU/Interix Platform Notes

Nokia nmake for SFU allows the use of nmake on the Windows® 2000 and Windows® Server 2003 operating systems running SFU 3.5.



  1. Supported Platforms:
    • SFU 3.5 on Windows 2000 with NTFS
    • SFU 3.5 on Windows Server 2003 with NTFS
  2. Supported Compilers:
    • gcc 3.3 (packaged with SFU)
    • native win32 Java SDK 1.4.1 and 1.4.2
  3. Makefiles: A primary goal is to maintain compatibility with existing nmake makefiles. Makefiles written in a portable manner should function essentially unchanged on SFU. However, this does not guarantee that the products being built will compile or run properly on SFU without changes.
  4. Pathnames: nmake uses POSIX-style paths. The only valid path separator is slash ('/'). Colon (':') and back-slash ('\') are not allowed in pathnames in makefiles. Pathnames must be valid on hosting file systems. NTFS file systems do not allow some characters in pathnames, such as "*<>|.
  5. File Systems: NTFS is supported. The FAT and FAT32 file systems are not supported because they are not fully supported by SFU. Operating in a file system other than NTFS may result in errors.


  1. Support DOS-format makefiles
    Files with DOS style "\r\n" line endings are supported.
  2. Support win32 commands which require .exe suffix
    The win32 native java.exe and jar.exe commands are supported on SFU/Interix without specifying the .exe suffix in order to maintain compatibility with UNIX® makefiles.

General Notes

  1. The following components currently are not supported:
    • coshell - for distributed builds
  2. SFU/Interix builds are supported.
  3. Java builds are supported.
  4. Win32 builds and win32 native compilers are not supported.
  5. Files with DOS style "\r\n" line endings are supported.
  6. ksh88i is included for interfacing with nmake since the native pdksh is not 100% compatible.
  7. Passing directory paths that contain one or more spaces to the java commands, which use native win32 directory paths, causes errors. You must work in an SFU directory that corresponds to a win32 directory that contains no spaces in the path. Javadeps must also be installed in a similar directory with no spaces in the win32 directory path.
  8. The package is distrubuted as a BSD-style pkg_add package. The package must be installed by the Administrator or an account in the Administrators group. Please send any comments you have on this packaging scheme to us at
Last Update: Friday,12-Aug-2016 12:12:49 EDT