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Nokia nmake for Windows® Platforms

Update December 2015

The Windows®-based version of Nokia nmake are no longer supported. The following information and documentation are provided for historical access.


The Windows®-based version of nmake is based on the Windows Services for UNIX (SFU/Interix) porting/development environment and requires installation of SFU in order to run. The SFU development package needs to be obtained directly from the package supplier and installed following their installation procedure. See Windows Services for UNIX for information on SFU/Interix.

Who might want to use it?

The SFU based version of nmake may be used by any developer needing to perform Makefile-based builds on the SFU Windows-based platforms using the advanced nmake build tool. It will be especially useful to developers currently building their software using nmake on other platforms that also need to build on a Windows-based platform.

Platform Notes

Local nmake information:

External SFU/Interix Resources:

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