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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake 12

July 2010
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3. Bug Fixes and Enhancements

3.1 Baserules

  1. 090009 - force_shared does not relink app in library makefile
    In some cases when a shared library was made with the :LIBRARY: operator and linked to an executable in the same makefile, using force_shared=1 did not relink the executable when the shared library was updated. This is fixed so the executable is relinked as expected.
  2. 090028 - include file triggers ccxopt rule
    A C/C++ file included with a prefix of cc+*, cc-*, cca+* or cca-* (eg. "cc++/file.h") no longer triggers the common action to compile in a sub-directory with the specified compiler flags.

3.2 cpp

  1. No changes to cpp in this release.

3.3 Engine

  1. 020013 - add command line option to show version
    Long command line options are now supported using the existing option names preceded by -- (dash dash). The --version command line option is now supported to print the version string and exit.
    For details see - New Features and Enhancements: Long --name Style Options and New --version Command Line Option
  2. 030110 - CC.REQUIRE infinite loop
    nmake no longer goes into an infinite loop when a library requires itself more than once using the CC.REQUIRE feature. For example, = -labc -labc would cause an infinite loop when -labc was specified as a prerequisite library.
  3. 040064 - jobs=[null] compiled into .mo
    When an option that take a numeric value, such as the jobs option, was both specified on the command line and set in the makefile a null value for the option would be compiled into the nmake object file (.mo) causing warnings and incorrect option settings on subsequent builds. This has been fixed so the value specified in the makefile is correctly compiled into the nmake object file.
  4. 070008 - custom archive rule does not get .o files in vpath
    Archive targets with custom shell actions would not pick up .o files in the viewpath when a copy of the archive was in the current node. This has been fixed so .o files are now picked up from the viewpath.
  5. 070040 - retrieve explain info from state file
    "Explain" data is now recorded in the state file describing why certain actions were taken during the build. Explanations for triggered targets can be retrieved after a build is complete to provide enhanced build diagnostics. New edit operators can be used to access the explain data during a build.
    For details see - New Features and Enhancements: Capture of Triggered Target Explain Data and New Variable Edit Operators to Access Explain Data
  6. 080026 - aix .ACTIONWRAP breaks archive scan
    nmake is now able to scan archive libraries on AIX platforms when .ACTIONWRAP is enabled, such as when using nmakelog for output serialization.
  7. 090022 - error message appearing before makelog element
    A problem was fixed where makefile warnings could appear outside of <makelog> elements in a structured build log. The problem was seen primarily on Interix platforms.
  8. 990047 - .ENTRIES fails to identify archive libs on AIX
    The .ENTRIES attribute now works as expected on AIX platforms. Support for AIX big format archives has been added so nmake can internally recognise and scan all AIX archive libraries.

3.4 Operators

  1. 090018 - jar support on aix 4.3
    Fixed an issue where :JAR: failed to archive members when the local find command did not support the -follow option. It now works with find commands that support -L, -follow or neither.
  2. 090020 - jar 1.1.x gets zero size jar file
    The :JAR: operator no longer creates a zero sized jar file when no members are found when using JDK 1.1.x, except when all the members are removed in an update.
  3. 090039 - scanning class files causes java rebuilds
    The :JAVA: operator was fixed so it no longer needlessly recompiles java source files when the scan rule is applied to class files.
  4. 100010 - java clobber with no source files causes error
    The :JAVA: operator no longer exits with an error when the clobber common action is used with no java source code present.

3.5 Probe

  1. No changes to probe in this release.

3.6 Build Log

  1. 090019 - multi-build index should use build-name
    The "Build" column of the multi-build index generated by buildlog2html now uses the build-name from the --info build:... option when specified instead of the compressed build id.
  2. 090024 - old version of neato hangs buildlog2html
    The buildlog2html command now checks the version of Graphviz (dot, neato commands) and Java to avoid and report compatibility issues. Environment variables GVVER and JAVAVER allow the user to override required minimum versions in the format of major.minor or set to 0 to skip the version check.
  3. 100002 - capture explain data in structured build log
    "Explain" data is now captured by default in the structured build log by xmakelog. The makelog_format variable was updated to allow specification of explain message capture in structured build logs.
    For details see - New Features and Enhancements: Capture of Triggered Target Explain Data
  4. 100003 - structured build log feature documentation
    Complete documentation for the structured build log feature is available from the Structured Build Logs page on. the nmake web site.
  5. 100005 - extend buildlog2html for explain data
    "Explain" data is now presented in the HTML log generated by buildlog2html in the triggered target's attribute table.
    For details see - New Features and Enhancements: Capture of Triggered Target Explain Data
  6. 100006 - update build log user document for 100002
    The structured build log user document has been fully updated with details for capturing and handling the explain data. The user document can be found on the Structured Build Logs.
  7. 100012 - upgrade to latest version of Saxon-B
    The version of Saxon-B included in the nmake distribution package has been upgraded to version Saxon-B is a XSLT and XQuery processor used by buildlog2html.
  8. 100013 - improve buildlog2html java command handling
    Improvements have been made to the way buildlog2html detects and executes the java command. It now uses java.exe on Interix platforms. The exptools search locations is user configurable with the JAVA_EXPTOOLS_SEARCH environment variable. The default exptools search no longer includes j2sdk1.4 since it requires special configuration. The environment variable JAVA_PATH_SEARCH has been introduced to configure the PATH search.

3.7 Miscellaneous

  1. 060066 - bug in string separator handling
    This was not a bug but was behaving as documented because newlines are treated as separate tokens by variable edit operators. The documentation has been updated to better explain the behavior.
  2. 090026 - nmakelog man page references nmakelog_format
    The nmakelog man page incorrectly identified an environment variable as nmakelog_format. It has been corrected to makelog_format.
  3. 090035 - add nmake version and release date to man pages
    The man pages now show the nmake version and release date.

3.8 Variables

  1. New variable GVVER - see 090024.
  2. New variable JAVAVER - see 090024.
  3. Change to variable makelog_format - see 100002.
  4. New variable JAVA_EXPTOOLS_SEARCH - see 100013.
  5. New variable JAVA_PATH_SEARCH - see 100013.

3.9 Options

  1. New option --explainlog - see 070040.
  2. New option --version - see 020013.

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