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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake 14

July 2012
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2. Summary of Changes

The nmake 14 release focuses largely on bug fixes and stability with over 25 fixes and enhancements.

2.1 64-bit Linux package

The nmake 14 release adds a new native 64-bit Linux package to take advantage of 64-bit systems. The 32-bit ilinux package is still certified and available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems as in past releases. The new x64linux package is a native 64-bit package certified only for 64-bit systems.

2.2 Fixes for XML build logs

There have been several fixes for generating and processing XML build logs with xmakelog and buildlog2html respectively. These include fixes for corrupt or missing XML tags, missing top level build information and handling of default icons for HTML logs. For details see section 3.6: Build Log.

2.3 Probe fixes for gcc/g++

The probe tool includes fixes targeting the popular gcc and g++ compilers. Included are fixes for picking up the C++ standard include directories and probing compilers installed outside of /bin and /usr/bin. For details see section 3.5: Probe.

2.4 Engine stabilization

Several panic errors, core dumps, memory faults and unexpected rebuilds have been fixed in the engine resulting in a more stable and robust product. Other engine enhancements include improved error messages and debug trace output. For details see section 3.3: Engine.

2.5 Java 7 Support

Javadeps alu2.3 now supports the new Java 7 language features. Javadeps is used by the :JAVA: operator to scan java code for dependencies. The Javadeps alu2.3 release coincides with, and is compatible with nmake 14. The following new language features are supported:

Note, earlier Javadeps releases can already parse the new Strings in switch Statements feature. See the Javadeps page for more information and downloads.

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