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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake 16

July 2014
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5. Known Problems and Remarks

5.1 Known Problems

The following is a list of known problems:

  1. 980009 - problem in link=*
    The problem about using linking (specified using the link variable) to install targets in any adjacent nodes in viewpathing still exists. You may still use linking to install, but only in alternate nodes -- installation using copying must alternate with installation using linking. The problem occurs with both symbolic and hard linking.

5.2 Remarks

  1. :LINK: does not handle archive files that are generated by :: or :LIBRARY: assertion operators. Users should avoid use of :LINK: on archive files.
  2. When the cpp -I-S flag is on, -D-M is disabled. Users should not use these two flags together.
  3. Users should avoid including the same header file with both <...>-style and "..."-style #include statements in source files managed by a single makefile. nmake will assign .STD.INCLUDE and .LCL.INCLUDE attributes to the header file, and this can result in incorrect -I lists in the compiler command lines generated.
  4. When the SHELL environment variable points to ksh93 you may get the following warnings when building your shell scripts: warning: line 1: `...` obsolete, use $(...). The warning is generated running your script with ksh -n. To eliminate the warning either update your shell scripts as indicated by the message or set SHELL to another version of ksh that does not generate the warning, such as ksh88.
  5. nmake does not have large file support and cannot reference files over 2 GiB in size on 32-bit systems. For work-arounds and more information see newsletter issue 26 and issue 42.

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