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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake 3.0

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1. Introduction

nmake 3.0 is a major feature release. It is now available on the following machines:

Machine Type Operating System
Amdahl UTS2.1
DataGeneral SVR4.2
HP9000/7xx HP-UX 9.0
HP9000/8xx HP-UX 8.0
HP9000/8xx HP-UX 9.0
Motorola88100 SVR4.1
NCR/486 SVR4.2
Pyramid-mips DC/OSx1.0
Pyramid OSx5.1a
RISC6000 AIX 3.2
SGI 5.1-alpha
StarServer-FT S300-b20
Sun3 SunOS4.0
Sun4 SunOS4.1
Sun4 SunOS5 (Solaris2.x)
3B2/700 SVR3.2

In this release, nmake dynamically allocates buffer space and generates machine-independent object files and state files (i.e., *.mo and *.ms files). In addition, the performance of cpp has also been greatly improved. This document presents the new features, discusses changes affecting nmake 2.2 makefiles, and explains bug fixes as well as known bugs.

Certain 2.2 makefiles must be upgraded for 3.0. The simplest approach to upgrading 2.2 makefiles is to review the existing local rules and the makefiles of your project. After becoming familiar with the local configuration, read this document and note any changes that may be important. Update the local files as needed for any changes included in this document. It is not necessary to make any changes to the delivered base rules file ( The final step in the upgrade is to do a test build to verify that the changes made in the makefiles are correct.

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