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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake 3.1.1

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1. Introduction

nmake 3.1.1 is mainly a bug fix release. This document describes the fixes and some minor enhancements. There are lots of good reasons to upgrade, particularly if you're already running 3.1. For example, when you compile a file, the -I list that points cpp at header files is generated when expanding CCFLAGS. The expansion is a complex process, that among other things relies on :I, :P=D, file scanning, and bound directories, which are four areas where we found and fixed bugs.

1.1 Supported Hardware

The 3.1.1 release has been ported to many UNIX-based systems. For a current list, contact the nmake Customer Support hotline at 908-582-5880, or send email to Our standard platforms include SunOS, Solaris Sparc, Solaris Intel, HP, Amdahl, and unixware.

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