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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake 3.1

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3. Changes Impacting 3.0 Makefiles

3.1 Changes in Variables

3.1.1 $(#)

$(#) has new semantics in nmake 3.1. The old semantic of $(#) now is $(;). See Section 2.1.1 and Section 2.1.2.

3.1.2 $(CCC)

The variable CCC is changed to PPCC in the base rules file. The usage of $(CCC) now is replaced by $(PPCC).

3.2 Changes in Edit Operators

3.2.1 :D Output Changed

$("":D) no longer produces "." as the return value.

3.3 Changes in Command Line Option

3.3.1 -M Syntax Changed

The syntax of -M is changed. The new syntax is described in Section 2.5.2. -M no longer implies -nF and -M with -o expandview no longer refers to static and port. The usage of

    nmake -M -o expandview -k

now is

    nmake -nFMstatic,noport

3.3.2 -m Has Been Deleted

The -o mamtrace (-m) option has been deleted from nmake 3.1.

3.4 Changes in probe Output

The variable CC.OBJ has been changed to CC.SUFFIX.OBJECT. The variable CC.SO has been changed to CC.SUFFIX.SHARED. CC.DIALECT no longer has PTREPOSITORY as its value.

3.5 Miscellaneous

3.5.1 local Syntax Expanded

The nmake construct, local, now accepts syntax as

     local name=value

3.5.2 Has Been Deleted

The rule has been deleted from the base rules. C++ lex code should be processed by a lex that can handle C++ code.

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