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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake 3.1

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4. Bug Fixes

The following bugs were in nmake 3.0 and now fixed in nmake 3.1:

4.1 Fixes in Handling Variables

4.1.1 A Fix in Handling Command Line Assignments

The value of variables assigned on the command line does not remain in the .mo files to affect subsequence of nmake execution. For example,

    nmake CCFLAGS=-g

for the above sequence of execution of nmake, the -g flag in CCFLAGS only affect the first issue of nmake, but won't now affect the second issue of nmake.

4.2 Fixes in Handling Assertion Operators

4.2.1 A Fix in :INSTALLDIR:

:INSTALLDIR: now handles rhs files with relative path name.

    $(ETCDIR) :INSTALLDIR: ../../../a

4.3 Fixes in Handling Special Atoms

4.3.1 A Fix in Handling .REMAIN in Viewpathing

The value of the variables with .REMAIN special atom is now handled correctly in viewpathing.

4.4 Fixes in Handling Common Actions

4.4.1 A Fix for clobber with Mutiple -g

The common action, clobber, can correctly clobber when there is more than one -g option on the command line, such as

    nmake -g -g clobber

4.5 Fixes in Scanning

4.5.1 A Fix in Scanning for Special Includes Format

Parsing problem that when special symbols, like $ and : appeared in include statements, as in

    #include "dec$include:Xlib.h"

has been fixed.

4.5.2 Fixes in Scanning Generated Header Files

For generated files, the scanning now occurs after the files are generated. The correct -I flags are now produced correctly for generated header files in viewpathing.

4.6 Fixes in Viewpathing

4.6.1 Fixes in Library Targets in Viewpathing

The problem of rebuilding libraries when some .o files are not removed after archiving has been fixed. Now handles the change of the prerequisites of archive targets properly. It deletes the .o files from the archive targets in the top view when those .o's are no longer dependencies of the targets.

4.6.2 A Fix in Handling -ptr in Viewpathing

The -ptr flags are now given correctly for C++ template instantiation at link time in viewpathing.

4.6.3 A Fix in Handling VROOT Variable

The problem of having one extra directory level in $(VROOT) has been fixed.

4.6.4 A Fix in Handling Generated .JOINT Targets

The problem of re-generating .JOINT multiple targets in viewpathing has been fixed.

4.7 Miscellaneous

4.7.1 A Fix in Handling -I Flags in CCFLAGS

The -I list in CCFLAGS now is according to all the prerequisites of current target, not just according to the first prerequisite.

4.7.2 A Fix in %:%.c Metarule

The metarule %:%.c now works for C++ files.

4.7.3 A Fix in Handling Aliasing

The problem of handling aliasing when, for example, a and ../X/a are the same file has been fixed.

4.8 A Fix in Handling Circular Dependency

The circular dependency assertion such as

    a.h : a.c
	    <generate> $(<)

where a.h is a dependency of a.c is now handled correctly.

4.9 Fixes in cpp


4.10 Fixes in probe


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