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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake lu3.2

May 1999
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1. Introduction

This document announces the new release of nmake version lu3.2. The version string lu3.2 distinguishes this as a product release from Lucent Technologies (lu) as opposed to AT&T's research 3.2 version. nmake is fully supported and is in wide production use throughout Lucent Technologies, AT&T, and elsewhere. nmake lu3.2 is in no way connected to any version of nmake from AT&T research.

These lu3.2 Release Notes discuss in detail the new features, highlights bug fixes, additional enhancements, and known problems.

1.1 Supported Hardware

The lu3.2 release has been ported to many UNIX-based systems. For a current list see the Availability Chart and the Download Page on the nmake web site, Or contact the nmake Customer Support helpdesk at 908-582-5880, or send email to

1.2 Changes Impacting 3.1 Makefiles

The changes in this release are backward compatible with 3.1 Makefiles. This refers to the entire 3.1 family including releases 3.1.1 and 3.1.2. Every effort was made to insure the code changes did not change the documented behavior of the nmake features. For makefiles that conform to nmake's documentation there will be no makefile updates necessary to migrate from a 3.1 based release to lu3.2.

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