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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake lu3.3

June 2000
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1. Introduction

This document announces the new release of nmake version lu3.3. The version string lu3.3 distinguishes this as a product release from Lucent Technologies (lu) as opposed to AT&T's research versions. nmake is fully supported and is in wide production use throughout Lucent Technologies, AT&T, and elsewhere. nmake lu3.3 is in no way connected to any version of nmake from AT&T research.

These lu3.3 Release Notes discuss in detail the new features, highlights bug fixes, additional enhancements, and known problems.

1.1 Supported Hardware

The lu3.3 release has been ported to many UNIX-based systems. For a current list see the Availability Chart and the Download Page on the nmake web site, Or contact the Customer Support helpdesk at 908-582-5880, or send email to

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