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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake lu3.5

June 2002
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4. Changes Impacting lu3.4 Makefiles

The changes in release lu3.5 are largely backward compatible with lu3.4. Every effort has been made to insure code changes do not unexpectedly change the documented behavior of nmake features.

A few enhancements did require small changes to functionality. These changes are described below.

  1. 980003 - too many installs using both :INSTALLDIR: and :INSTALL:
    The behavior of the install common action was inconsistent and dependent on the order of the ::, :INSTALL:, and :INSTALLDIR: assertions in the makefile. The assertions have been modified to give consistent results regardless of their sequence. Now the :: assertion will not trigger an install when its target is also installed by :INSTALLDIR: or :INSTALL:.
    See also Bug fixes and enhancements: 980003.
    Who is affected
    Projects expecting different installs from both the :: assertion and either :INSTALLDIR: or :INSTALL: within the same makefile. We expect this to be very rare.
    What to do
    Add an additional explicit :INSTALLDIR: operation to replace the :: default install.

  2. 990105 - recurse messages enhancements
    The recurse_begin_message and recurse_end_message variables no longer print the current subdirectory by default. Prior to release lu3.5 the value of the variable was prepended to the subdirectory name and printed when nmake recursed into and from a subdirectory via the :MAKE: operator. The current subdirectory is no longer printed by default making the variables more flexible. For example, the recurse messages can now be defined to print messages in the style of other build tools, which may allow integration with other tools that expect such output.
    See also Bug fixes and enhancements: 990105.
    Who is affected
    Anyone defining variables recurse_begin_message or recurse_end_message.
    What to do
    To print the current subdirectory as in prior releases include the variable $(RECURSE_MESSAGE) in the definition of recurse_begin_message and recurse_end_message. For example:
    recurse_begin_message = STARTING DIR $(RECURSE_MESSAGE)

  3. 020028 - Java inside-package local build
    The new variable JAVAPACKAGEROOT must be defined to use the :JAVA: operator. If JAVAPACKAGEROOT is undefined when building a makefile that uses :JAVA: nmake will return an error indicating JAVAPACKAGEROOT must be defined. Prior releases of nmake did not use this variable.
    See also New Features: Java inside-package local build.
    Who is affected
    Anyone using the official :JAVA: assertion. This does not include projects who have defined their own :JAVA:.
    What to do
    Define JAVAPACKAGEROOT as described in New Features: Java inside-package local build.

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