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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake lu3.5

June 2002
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5. Known Problems and Remarks

5.1 Known Problems

The following is a list of known problems:

  1. AIX - The AIX package does not have the global version strings in the binary executables.
  2. HP-UX - HP's aCC compiler uses <include/file.h> to include the system headers so /usr must be part of the standard include search directories. However, probe does not currently detect this and such includes may cause errors. Also, some users have experienced run-time problems with shared libraries when using aCC due to nmake calling ld to make the shared library instead of aCC. Use the following in your probe_hints file to work-around these issues:
        case $CC_CC in
    	  CC_MEMBERS="\`\$(NM) \$(NMFLAGS) \$(*:N=*\$(CC.ARCHIVE):O=1) | \
    		      \$(SED) \$(NMEDIT) -e \"s/^/-Wl,-u/\"\`"
  3. If a C file is built by using :cc: and this C file shares a generated header file with a C++ file specified in the same makefile, the generated header file may get regenerated during the build causing the source files to keep recompiling. This can be avoided by building the C++ files before the C files, or by generating the header file in a separate makefile at an earlier time during the build.
  4. The problem about using link=* to install targets in any adjacent nodes in viewpathing still exists. You may still use link=* to install, but only in alternate nodes.

5.2 Remarks

  1. :LINK: does not handle archive files that are generated by :: or :LIBRARY: assertion operators. Users should avoid use of :LINK: on archive files.
  2. When the cpp -I-S flag is on, -D-M is disabled. Users should not use these two flags together.
  3. Users should avoid including the same header file with both <...>-style and "..."-style #include statements in source files managed by a single makefile. nmake will assign .STD.INCLUDE and .LCL.INCLUDE attributes to the header file, and this can result in incorrect -I lists in the compiler command lines generated.

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