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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake lu3.6

June 2003
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4. Changes Impacting lu3.5 Makefiles

The changes in release lu3.6 are largely backward compatible with lu3.5. Every effort has been made to insure code changes do not unexpectedly change the documented behavior of nmake features.

The following enhancements required small changes to functionality as described below.

  1. 030022 - Jar File Support
    The :JAR: assertion operator is new in release lu3.6. However, some folks may be using our preliminary jar support rules published in our newsletter. The lu3.6 :JAR: assertion has a different usage from the rules published in the newsletter. The prerequisite can no longer be directory name, it must be a shell pattern to determine the files to pick up. Consequently the JARTYPES variable is depreciated since it is no longer needed. Also, support for a manifest file prerequisite has been added.
    See also New Features: Jar File Support
    Who is affected
    Projects using the older jar rules from our newsletter who wish to migrate to the official :JAR: assertion. Those who do not wish to migrate can continue using the old jar rules, your local jar rules will override the default rules.
    What to do
    Remove the JARTYPES variable and replace it with shell patterns in the prerequisite list.
    For example:
    /* old jar rules assertion */
    file.jar :JAR: classes JARROOT=classes JARTYPES=.class|.jpg
    The above assertion using the old rules can be rewritten as:
    /* lu3.6 assertion */
    file.jar :JAR: classes/*.class classes/*.jpg JARROOT=classes
    Or further simplified as:
    /* lu3.6 assertion */
    file.jar :JAR: classes/*.(class|jpg) JARROOT=classes

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