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lu3.8 Release Notes

Table of Contents

Released: July 2006
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1. Introduction
1.1 Supported Hardware
1.2 Hardware Requirements
1.3 Software Requirements
1.4 Customer Support

2. New Features and Significant Enhancements
2.1 Introduction of new platform support: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, Solaris 10
2.2 Improved support for Sun C++ 7.x and 8.x compilers
2.3 :JAVA: performance enhancements
2.4 Support for Java builds from a directory other than the source package directory
2.5 Java builds filter out #empty files
2.6 globaljavadeps and localjavadeps are synchronized via the state file
2.7 MS Visual C++ compiler supported on Windows/SFU
2.8 New environment variable UMASKCHANGE to disable umask change
2.9 nmakelog now compatible with :JAR: makefiles
2.10 Enhanced manifest file support for :JAR:
2.11 Multiple :JAR: makefiles can update the same target jar file

3. Bug Fixes and Enhancements
3.1 Baserules
3.2 cpp
3.3 Engine
3.4 Operators
3.5 Probe
3.6 Miscellaneous
3.7 Variables
3.8 Options
3.9 Documentation

4. Changes Impacting lu3.7 Makefiles
4.1 :JAR: Appending to an Existing Jar File
4.2 disableumaskchange Option Deprecated
4.3 Required-libraries

5. Known Problems and Remarks
5.1 Known Problems
5.2 Remarks

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