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Release Notes -- Nokia nmake lu3.8

July 2006
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1. Introduction

This document announces the new release of nmake version lu3.8. nmake is fully supported and is in wide production use throughout Lucent Technologies, AT&T, and elsewhere.

These lu3.8 Release Notes discuss in detail the new features, and highlight bug fixes, additional enhancements, and known problems.

1.1 Supported Hardware

The lu3.8 release has been ported to many UNIX-based and UNIX-like systems. For a current list see the Availability Chart on the nmake web site, Or contact the Customer Support helpdesk below.

1.2 Hardware Requirements

1.3 Software Requirements

This release of nmake is available for HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows (under SFU/Interix). See the release lu3.8 download page for a listing of available distribution packages. nmake is generally upward compatible with later OS releases in a series (for example, the series Solaris 2.5 through 2.10); contact Technical Support with any compatibility questions or with any requests for porting to other systems.

The Windows-based version of nmake is based on the Windows Services for UNIX (SFU/Interix) porting/development environment from Microsoft and requires installation of the SFU package in order to run. The SFU package must be obtained from Microsoft and installed following their installation procedure. For more information see the Support for Windows page.

nmake lu3.8 provides dependency-based Java build support. This feature currently requires an external Java source scanner called JavaDeps to extract inter-modules dependencies from Java source. nmake lu3.8 requires JavaDeps release lu2.2.2; this version is downloadable from the nmake JavaDeps page. Installation instructions are also on that page. THIS PACKAGE IS ONLY REQUIRED BY PROJECTS PERFORMING JAVA BUILDS USING THE :JAVA: ASSERTION OPERATOR. JavaDeps release lu2.2.2 is itself written in Java; it requires jdk1.2.1 or higher version on its PATH in order to run. (Note that this does not restrict the project being built to jdk1.2.1 or higher.)

1.4 Customer Support

We provide patch support, where code changes are required, for the latest 2 point releases of nmake (currently releases lu3.8 and lu3.7). Customers using older releases can still acquire help in using the product, but genuine problems found in older releases will not be fixed. Such problems may require an upgrade to a current release or, when possible, a makefile work-around will be provided.

Fee-based services are also available. These include makefile rewrites, conversion of non-nmake makefiles to nmake, integration with vendor tools, build assessments, and porting nmake to new machines.

Contact Customer Support for any questions regarding nmake.

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