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We support the latest two point releases of the Nokia nmake product where code changes are required. Customers using older releases can always acquire help using the product, but genuine problems found in older releases will not be fixed. Such problems may require an upgrade to a current release or, when possible, a makefile work-around will be provided. We reserve the right to modify the supported platform list and the support policy at any time. For complete details on our technical support policy, please consult the Technical Support Policy.


Contact Support
Contact us for nmake license orders/renewals and technical help. We realize nmake is a complicated creature. If you encounter any problems or have questions regarding usage or the best approach to solve a particular need just let us know. Our FAQ and newsletters are also available for your reading pleasure.
Please send feedback including suggestions/comments about this website or about the nmake tool to
Mailing List
If you would like to keep current with nmake news then subscribe to our nmake-announce mailing list. This mailing list is our primary means of contact with our customers and is used to announce news such as new releases, patch releases, documentation updates, newsletter publications, and more.
Platform Tier Levels
Description of nmake platform tier levels.
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