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Healthcheck Assessment


The nmake team will analyze the current build process, environment and tools within the context of the makefile design and implementation. From this analysis the team will identify trouble areas and deliver an assessment report with recommended improvements and solutions.
Expected Customers:
  • Projects whose makefile infrastructure no longer represents their product structure and is reflected in difficult-to-maintain makefiles.
  • Projects whose makefile implementation has become a build process bottleneck and compromises build efficiency.
  • Projects that aren't experiencing the above symptoms but has been doing it the "same old way" and feel they need to adopt some best current practices before the problems creep in.

Assessment Process

The nmake team will follow the process steps below to analyze the product build process.

This phase starts with a questionnaire to gather basic information about the build environment (such as build types and execution time) and to gain a cursory understanding of the problems with the current process. The team may require access to the current build environment in order to examine the current build procedures, output and tools. The goal of this phase is a basic understanding of the build process.
Technical Interviews and Consultation
The nmake team will interface with key members of the project's build team to discuss the current build situation in detail and understand any constraints and requirements of the build process that drives the makefile design and implementation.
Investigation and Analysis
Based on the above information, the team performs a detailed investigation of the build problem areas, finds the root causes of the build problems and identifies potential solutions. This may also require the team to have access to the project's build environment, with the tools necessary to reproduce problems and derive potential solutions. To minimize disruption of the project's live development production environment, the team recommends a discrete working environment that emulates the project's live environment.


At the completion of the phases above, the nmake team will provide the project with a full assessment report containing the following:

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