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If you would like to keep current with Nokia nmake news then subscribe to the nmake-announce mailing list. This mailing list is our primary means of contact with our customers and is used to announce news such as new releases, patch releases, documentation updates, newsletter publications, and more.

The nmake-announce list is not a free-for-all mailing list forum. Only official messages from the nmake team will be sent to list memebers. Both internal Lucent and external customers are welcome (and encouraged) to subscribe! If you know anyone who might be interested pass the word.

Join the list by sending email to with only the following text in the body of the mail message:

    subscribe nmake-announce FirstName LastName

Leave the list by sending email to the same address with only the following in the message body:

    unsubscribe nmake-announce

This is an automated mailing list, a human will not be reading your subscription request so please enter your message as described. Any extra lines (ie. your .sig) will be interpreted as listserv commands and may result in error messages from the list server (however, these errors should not affect a correct subscribe or signoff command.)

Send mail to if you encounter any problems.

Last Update: Friday,14-Apr-2017 16:55:07 EDT